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Together, We Do Well 

Redefine your life in the face of divorce with the knowledge and support from a community
of women who are thriving post-divorce.


Members recommend our community as a trusted advisor to women & mothers facing divorce.


Members healing & thriving with a Jane Does Well membership - free of charge.  


Programs, workshops & events tailored to women's differing needs pre/post divorce.

Navigating the Journey of Divorce is Complex

‚󏬆 Do you¬†feel isolated, overwhelmed and alone?
‚󏬆 Are you struggling with¬†a myriad of legal and financial complexities?
‚󏬆 Are you worried about the emotional impact on your children?
‚󏬆¬†Are you confused about¬†where to find¬†reliable information¬†and expertise?
‚󏬆¬†Do¬†you feel a loss of identity and self-confidence?
‚󏬆 Are you¬†uncertain about how to move forward post-divorce?

Jane Does Well was created for women like you.

We've helped hundreds of women successfully navigate the journey of divorce and create fulfilling lives by offering valuable support programs in a compassionate community setting.

‚ústGet educational resources¬†and expert advice to make the right¬†decisions

‚ústLearn how to support your children through the divorce process

‚ústSurround yourself with¬†compassionate women who understand your experience

‚ústDiscover transformative programs and events every day of the week

‚ústCreate your next best chapter


Join Our Community

Jane Does Well is the only non-profit organization in Massachusetts providing divorce care, support, educational programs and a critical support system to single women and mothers, free of charge, during a time of emotional upheaval and financial hardship.


Hear from our Members


"Thank you for being such a supportive, insightful, positive-minded group. You make a big difference in many women's lives...trickling down to greater peace and happiness for kids, too." Joanne

"A fabulous group that I am proud to be a part of. The environment is accepting, caring and supportive. Thank you for all you do." Deborah

"Your legal meetings and Saturday support group are tremendously valuable. Thank you for all you do to support your members. I'm grateful to have found you when I did. JDW is a fantastic group." Suzanne

Your gift to Jane Does Well transforms you into a supporter, educator, healer, connector and advocate. 

By empowering women, we rebuild independent, strong lives. Our nonprofit relies on donations from individuals, foundations and businesses. Every gift makes a difference to the women and children that Jane Does Well supports. 
Our organization's operating budget is fully reliant on charitable gifts. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Our tax identification number is: 82-5436845
For media inquiries, questions or to learn more, please email [email protected]