Divorce introduces new and confusing challenges that take a toll on the body & soul.

Heal Women

Our acclaimed Wellness Groups offer women a safe space to reflect, replenish and heal from divorce-related trauma.

We are committed to supporting our members with a breadth of emotional support groups, workshops and programs. Our goal is to provide women a pathway to healing and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Physical, Emotional, Financial Abuse
Alienation & Abandonment
Traumtic / High-Conflict Divorce

Together, we will complement your journey towards well-being.

Check our events calendar here for program dates and details. If you have questions, or to learn more please email us at [email protected]


We are here to offer a helping hand, guidance and a listening ear through our events, workshops and support groups.

While we provide valuable emotional support, it's important to remember that our programs are not a replacement for therapyWe encourage all of our members to seek professional help as needed.

Diane Anderson

Diane has been the Director of Wellness at Jane Does Well since its inception. An ordained UCC pastor, Diane has a MDiv. degree from Andover Newton Theological School. She also received certification in Spiritual Direction from Boston College, certification in Positive Psychology from the Kripalu Center and certification in Mindfulness Meditation from MMTCP. Diane is currently completing a trauma certification program through NYU. Diane went through a traumatic divorce herself in 2014 and has developed an interest in all subjects related to post-traumatic growth and healing.

Our Programming Remains Free

We are able to continue to offer free programming to every member thanks to the critical support of donors like you. If you are interested in supporting our work, please make a donation today.

Healing unfolds when women connect in safe spaces.

Your gift to Jane Does Well transforms you into a supporter, educator, healer, connector and advocate.

By empowering women, we rebuild independent, strong lives. Our nonprofit relies on donations from individuals, foundations and businesses. Every gift makes a difference to the women and children that Jane Does Well supports. 
We are a nonprofit organization with an operating budget fully reliant on charitable gifts and 100% of your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax identification number is: 82-5436845
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