Our Heartfelt Thank You

We are truly grateful for the commitment, hard work and dedication of both our internal staff, Board of Directors and Advisory Board. Highly engaged and working collaboratively, our team brings extensive experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors while guiding our strategic vision, quarterly growth in membership and overall organizational success.

We are also indebted to our many volunteers, attorneys, financial advisors, life coaches, speakers and many other experts in various fields. Because of you, our mission of empowering a diverse community of women through inspiration, education, advocacy, and connectedness continues to be a powerful, worthwhile and life-changing journey for our members.

Our Team

Christina Pavlina

Co-Founder & Executive Director
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Sue Kisiday

Co-Founder & Board Member
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Jill Andre

Moms & Children Support Group FacilitatorLinkedin-logo-1-550×550-300×300

Caitlyn Craig

Social Media ManagerLinkedin-logo-1-550×550-300×300

Sheila Holland

Administrative Coordinator
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Aly Lathrop

Associate Director of Operations
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Board of Directors

Diane Anderson

Director of Wellness & Trauma Programs

Megan Bresnehan

Director of Digital StrategyLinkedin-logo-1-550×550-300×300

Anne Grape

Financial Director & Board Chair
[email protected]

Lisa Haynes

Strategic Planning


Julia Lord

Strategic Planning

Advisory Board

Christina Ablon

Strategic Planning & Event PM


Kappy Freund

Strategic Planning & Advocacy


Patricia Isley

Content Development


Virginia Mills

Strategic Planning


Trish Mordas

Strategic Planning


Your gift to Jane Does Well transforms you into a supporter, educator, healer, connector and advocate. 

By empowering women, we rebuild independent, strong lives. Our nonprofit relies on donations from individuals, foundations and businesses. Every gift makes a difference to the women and children that Jane Does Well supports. 
Our organization's operating budget is fully reliant on charitable gifts. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Our tax identification number is: 82-5436845
For media inquiries, questions or to learn more, please email [email protected]